Oudepont is a spectacular large-scale farm situated outside Swellendam, South Africa. The farm is almost entirely encircled by the Breede River and our inspiration for the brand identity flowed from there.

‘Oudepont’, translates in English to ‘old pont’ and refers back to the old pont (a flat-bottomed ferry that worked on cables or ropes.) crossing that was present on the farm in the early 1900s. But there is nothing old-fashioned about this very successful and forward-thinking farming operation.

Project Category:


Brand Development & Design

The final Oudepont Brand identity came about after a series of workshops following our traditional development methodology but slightly compressed to account for the tight deadlines. 

Our development methodology includes defining the core Brand essence and identifying the Brand personality we wish to develop. Creation of conceptual mood boards to help define the style and identity. And only then do we start a logo design process that included 4 core concept variations from which the final logo was selected and refined.


Ongoing Creative Support

With the Brand Identity only recently launched we are sure to be growing our services for the client.


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