Nuxe Hair


Nuxe Hair is the creative collaboration between Head Stylist Nadia Rispel and Business Director Kelly Goliath who wanted to bring the city’s hairstyling trendiness to the Winelands. 

RHi Digital & Creative was appointed to develop the brand identity for this space where the meaning of the name, “luxury” and “natural”, is immersed in the offering to their clients. The result is a contemporary brand identity that integrates deeply in the client’s physical and virtual spaces.

Nuxe Hair

Brand Development & Design

Like any new brand identity project we undertake, logo design comes in quite late in the process. Our development methodology includes defining the core Brand essence and identifying the Brand personality we wish to develop. Once this is agreed upon a series of mood boards are developed to help define the style and identity the client wishes to put across. Only then do we start a logo design process which ensures that we  nail the ‘logo design’ pretty quickly.

Nuxe Hair

Web Design & Development

The Nuxe Hair website is a study in elegant simplicity with regards to design and function. It looks good does everything it needs to do well, no more, no less.

Nuxe Hair

Ongoing Creative Support

Nuxe Hair continues to expand its product range and this has been supported by RHi Digital & Creative in the form of new creative campaigns, social media post design, and strategic support.


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