ConcepStore is a fully stocked appliance store, launched by CIC to sell branded products directly to consumers in the Philippines.
The site was developed on Shopify to help shoppers select the right household appliances for their home needs, based on decisions that are influenced by health, safety, security, and hygiene concerns, or by the simple need to automate time-consuming chores.

RHi Digital & Creative provides ongoing strategic consulting, web development support, marketing & CRM automation services, and customer retention services.


Web Development Support

RHi Digital & Creative recently concluded a Website Audit project to support the brand and help identify areas of improvement which will enhance the website’s usability, functionality, and general advancements.

Recent improvements include the integration of Social Registration & Login functions, Shopify Template, technical fixes, and the integration with Omnisend.

Additional enhancements currently in production consist of the integration of an omnichannel product review engine, loyalty augmentation and integration with Oracle Unity.


Marketing Automation

RHi Digital & Creative integrated the Shopify-based Website with Omnisend, a leading omnichannel marketing automation platform, highly rated within the Shopify community.

Omnisend allows us to add several channels to the same automation workflow for seamless communication via email, SMS, pop-ups, and web push notifications.

The implementation consisted of the ideation of Lead Nurturing Email and SMS Journeys, Account Registration incentives using dynamic coupons, and improving e-Commerce conversion rates with multi-step abandoned cart mailers.


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