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Our company motto is ‘Be Better’, quite simple really, but hard to do.

In the fast pace of digital transformation and constant technological evolution we try to do better each day, every day, yet what we offer today is subject to change tomorrow. Gotta keep up!

The constant is our passion, the key to our success is the willingness to own our mistakes, and our permanency comes from relishing every challenge.

Brand Strategy & Design

A brand is not a logo and a logo is not the brand. A brand is a story, containing personalities, values, and beliefs. We like authentic brands that strive to live up to their values and fight for it every day.

Through the line design

What worth does a story have that no one ever sees or reads? Good stories are read in bed, on a phone in private, liked, clicked, and checked-out. Yet the most powerful stories are seen and shared everywhere.

Digital Strategy & Web Design

All roads lead to the Internet these days, a crazy labyrinth of opportunities and potholes. We strategise and design fit-for-purpose digital vehicles that look good and navigate you to online success.

Digital & Social Media Management

A constant stream that never stops, never sleeps, and tend to overwhelm. How to stand out from the maddening crowd? Brilliant creativity is essential, attention to detail and a strong understanding of platforms a must.

Development & Integration

No man is an island, and no business can rely on siloed technology. We develop websites using best of breed tech and we love integrating your online business with back-end systems that automate the mundane.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Now we're talking. We've left the good stuff for last. This is where the nerds in us come out, we're talking (and doing) omnichannel marketing, loyalty, segmented & automated marketing. Live chat, support desks...etc. Let's talk.

featured work

A taste of what we do.

multi-faceted client base.

RHi Digital supports a broad range of clients in South Africa and since 2020 a growing international client base in the UK and South East Asia.

We have an infinity towards powering luxury brands online in the Health, Beauty, and Beverage industries, and a growing client base in the household appliance category.

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